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"The Americano Social Club is led by Michael Zisman on mandolin and features guitarist Jason Vanderford and bassist Joe Kyle Jr. We play music for "la dolce vita": a mix of romantic and eclectic melodies from all over the world.

At one of our shows you might hear Pop, Jazz or Folk, Classical, Rock or Opera, the music of Brazil or Europe's cafés, (not to mention some of our own dramatic original works); and all of it re-reimagined for you to hear the melodies you love (or didn't know you loved) like new again!

We invite you to join us for great nights of music and fun, friends new and old, drinks, laughter, and flirting and of course some beautiful melodies. Put down your troubles for a moment and let the music wrap you in love's sweet embrace!"

Our newst CD "Bella Bella!" is finally out and available at our shows and on CD BABY!

"Eat, Drink, Laugh, Love, Live, and Be Social"

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Featured Shows 



• Wed July 1 -- Cafe Du Soleil (Fillmore and Waller, SF)6:30-9:30pm

• Sat July 4th -- "Family Ruckus"at Club Deluxe (1509 Haight St., SF), 9:30 pm

• Sunday July 5th -- Fillmore Jazz Festival-Sutter St Stage, 10:15am-11:45am

•Friday July 31 - Speisekammer in Alemeda, 8:30-11:30pm







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